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Grey bedroom ideas

We've collected 23 of the most exquisite grey bedroom ideas to showcase the gorgeous variety of looks gray can provide for your sleeping space. From delicate to daring, from simple to splendid, they are all delightful inspirations to keep in mind for creating the ideal atmosphere for your slumber each night. 1.

Experiment With Textures. Grey concrete wall and bulkier wooden pieces in your bedroom is a perfect match because they are so different. The bulky, wooden mirror catches the eye from the moment you step into the room, while concrete wall and grey shades of floor and bed, tone things down. Add one small detail in yellow such as pillow or photo.

White and grey bedroom with neutral. Grey and white can work too in a children’s bedroom. Source: 20 grey and white bedroom ideas 1 design a country style grey and white bedroom. Ann gish king byzantine duvet cover, $1293.67. Source: Mastro raphael queen dune merveille duvet cover, $1275.00.

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Ideas For A Vintage, Grey And White Bedroom. Shop on Wayfair. Old-fashioned, vintage bedrooms are still being designed as they truly are timeless. If you enjoy vintage.

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